Preschool Connect the Dots Game to Learn Numbers and the Alphabet

Connect the Dots iPhone App

Best Preschool App!

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Connect the Dots iPhone App

Brought to you by the creators of Shape Builder – the Preschool Puzzle Learning Game, which was picked as both an Apple Staff Favorite and an iTunes App Store Essential for Toddlers.

The Preschool Connect the Dots Game bridges the gap between the traditional “Dot to dot” game and 21st century technology! Learning has never been so mobile(TM).

Children can “tap” or “draw” to connect sequential numbers (123), upper case letters (ABC), and lower case letters (abc). Joining all the dots forms the outline of the shape and reveals the beautifully illustrated image, a really fun sound effect, and the object name spoken by a speech therapist that specializes in early childhood development!

With over 200 puzzles, children can randomly play from all the categories of:

  • Transportation (26 puzzles)
    like Ambulance, Airplane, Bicycle and Bulldozer…
  • Musical instruments (35 puzzles)
    like Accordion, Banjo, Clarinet, and Drum Set…
  • Animals and Bugs (86 puzzles)
    like Armadillo, Bat, Cheetah, and Dolphin…
  • Food (28 puzzles)
    like Apple, Birthday Cake, and Candy Canes…
  • Objects (34 puzzles)
    like Microphone, Magnifying Glass and Mail Box…

Settings Tips:

  • (On/Off) Numbers – Dots displayed as 1,2,3,4,5…
  • (On/Off) Upper Case – Dots displayed as A,B,C,D,E,F….
  • (On/Off) Lower Case – Dots displayed as a,b,c,d,e,f…
  • (On/Off) Display Words – Toggle if the word is displayed after solving the puzzle
  • (On/Off) Voice for Dislay Words – Toggle if the word is spoken after solving the puzzle
  • (On/Off) Voice for 123 & ABC – Toggle between hearing the numbers/letters spoken after each tap or a sound effect.
  • (On/Off) Autoplay – Subsequent puzzles are automatically loaded after solving a puzzle. To take your time after a puzzle is solved turn Autoplay off and tap the arrow to advance to the next puzzle.
  • (On/Off) Allow Drawing – set this to “ON” and the player can draw or tap the dots to complete the puzzle.
  • (On/Off) Transportation Puzzles – Build puzzles like Firetruck, Sailboat, and Cement Truck
  • (On/Off) Musical Instruments – Build puzzles like Violin, Bass Guitar, and Harp
  • (On/Off) Animals and Bugs – Build puzzles like Dolphin, Elephant and Grasshopper
  • (On/Off) Food – Build puzzles like Kiwi, Pizza, and Watermelon
  • Hint Mode Easy – Automatically displays the next dot that should be tapped as a yellow dot. Great for really young kids still learning numbers and the alphabet.
  • Hint Mode Normal – Normal mode will not dislay hints until 3 seconds have passed and an incorrect tap is made after 3 seconds.
  • Hint Mode Hard – Hints do not appear.

Note: If English is not your preferred language, turn OFF the “Display Words,” the “Audio Voice for Display Words,” and the “Voice for 123 & ABC” and enjoy fun gameplay with all the sound effects!

Available on iTunesAndroid and Amazon Appstore